Seaway North & South at The Surf Club

The Surf Club A New Era of Luxury

The Surf Club, a historic icon of South Florida's glitz and glamour, is ushering in a new chapter of exclusivity with the introduction of Seaway at The Surf Club. This expansion stretch's the Surf Club's reach to over 1,350 linear feet of Atlantic Ocean beachfront. Seaway will offer residents an unparalleled living experience, blending the timeless European charm with modern elegance and the sophisticated services of Four Seasons. These residences provide an intimate sanctuary in the heart of Surfside, where an abundance of shopping, food, and natural splendor converge with contemporary luxury. Residents at Seaway are not just acquiring a home; they're becoming part of a legendary narrative.

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Luxury Living Redefined Oceanfront Opulence

Living by the Sea Introducing Seaway at The Surf Club

Nestled at the northern end of the renowned The Surf Club, Seaway presents a unique and unparalleled residential experience at one of South Florida's most high-end locations. Enjoy an abundance of in-house amenties as well as the 5 star state-of-the-art facilities of the Surf Club Four Seasons. 

Visionaries at Work Joseph Dirand & Fort Partners

Historic Elegance Contemporary Grandeur in Surfside

Seaway is being constructed adjacent to the historic Surf Club in Surfside, Miami, set to redefine the iconic Surfside skyline. Designed as an ultra-luxurious residential development, Seaway will seamlessly blend modern architectural elegance with the area's rich cultural heritage. Spearheaded by renowned developer: Fort Partners, the project promises to redefine the standard of luxury beachfront living with its distinctive design and world-class amenities. Emphasizing both sophistication and sustainability, residents have access to unparalleled comfort and convenience, with panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and access to a range of world-class facilities housed within the building, and the adjacent the Surf Club. The project's proximity to the Surf Club adds to its allure, allowing residents to enjoy the club's prestigious amenities while indulging in the contemporary private haven offered by the residences. With its strategic location, Seaway represents a unique opportunity to own property in one of Miami's most coveted neighborhoods, and what's set to be an architectural masterpiece.

Celebrities, Fashion, & Iconic Architecture The Surf Club's Illustrious History

Decades of Style A Legacy of
Glamour & Elegance

The Surf Club, nestled in the coastal city of Surfside in South Florida, holds profound historical significance as an iconic emblem of leisure and luxury. Established in 1930 by Harvey Firestone, the tire magnate, alongside business luminaries such as Carl Graham Fisher and J. Smedley Butler, the Surf Club became a playground for the elite during the glamorous era of the 20th century. Its Mediterranean Revival architecture, designed by Russell Pancoast, epitomizes the opulence and elegance of the period. Throughout its illustrious history, the club hosted luminaries ranging from Hollywood stars to political dignitaries, serving as a hub for social gatherings and cultural exchange. Its pristine beaches and exclusive amenities contributed to its allure, making it a coveted destination for the affluent. Renowned figures such as Winston Churchill and Elizabeth Taylor graced its halls, cementing its status as a symbol of sophistication and refinement in the Magic City's vibrant social scene. Today, the Surf Club stands as a cherished relic of Miami's storied past, preserving its legacy as a bastion of luxury and leisure amid the ever-changing landscape of South Florida.

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Stay Ahead with Exclusive Updates Your Gateway to Seaway at the Surf Club

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